"Eating disorders are NOT weight dependent. From anorexia to orthorexia, binge-eating to pica. It doesn’t matter. It’s your relationship with food and consuming the vital nutrients you need to keep alive. Anorexia is a way of slowly getting rid of yourself, binge-eating and overeating can be a way of blocking out the negativity with a barrier of food. It’s a loss of control as a result of an attempt to grab control. Those supporting sufferers shouldn’t concentrate on weight, or size, but on the way the sufferer reacts to food and eating. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the numbers matter one God-Damn bit. They don’t. You need to stop using the numbers to show yourself that the voices are lying to you; actually, you just need to stop caring whether they’re lying or not."
My Therapist, on “the voices are trying to convince me I’m fat”. (via untanglingamy)

Depression is more common than we think.

Mental health project ideas


Hey guys
So I’m doing this research project as one of my AS grades this year and I want to focus on mental health/illness. But after that who knows, should I study one disorder? Look at stigma and media representation? Or how sights like tumblr view mental illness? Who knows 

 I would love it if you could give me a hand coming up with some ideas, seeing as I’ve got no clue



better quality.
a lot of people make their new year’s resolution to lose weight but i think what people should really do is be happy with the way they look. why waste the year trying so hard to fit society’s definition of beauty when you’re already beautiful the way you are. life’s too short to be constantly worried about your weight. 

thank you for this